Sunday Seva

Seva is a Sanskrit word meaning selfless service, and perhaps considered the most important part of any spiritual practice. It lies at the heart of the path of karma yoga—selfless action—and asks us to serve others with no expectation of outcome.

This monthly class is free to all, and all are welcome.
The purpose of this class is to make yoga accessible to everyone. Donations will be accepted but are not required. Any money raised through donations will be set aside to be used toward class passes for individuals that want to attend regular classes, but are unable to pay. Thus creating a cycle of love and possibility in our amazing yoga community.

If you are interested in receiving our Seva Yoga Passes, please contact us !
The style of this class will be geared toward the whole being – lengthen & strengthen the physical body through asana, and calm & center the mind with breathwork and meditation. Come together through the movements of vinyasa and mantra.

Please be sure to hold your spot online through the following link. You will not be prompted for payment at time of registration, but may make a cash donation at the time of class.

*Free or Donation Class

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Jun 19 2022


10:00 am - 6:00 pm


Bart Rea Learning Circle
Amoco Park
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